The Candy Shoppe

About This Escape Room

For years you watched as your grandfather grew his candy shoppe into the most popular scene in town. From jawbreakers to fudge squares Grandpa sold it all. Many delicacies you would find on the shelves were the brand names you’ve always known and loved.

However, what made the candy shoppe so popular wasn’t the Whirly Pops, it was the chocolate! Grandpa was always careful not to leave his famous chocolate recipe lying around for just any eyes to see, for this treasured family heirloom was hidden with care.

With retirement growing near, Grandpa has left it to you to continue his legacy. Becoming the newest owners of the shoppe won’t be easy but it will be sweet! Enter Grandpa’s candy shoppe to explore the magic, secrets and puzzles that will test your wit and lead you to the coveted chocolate recipe!